Something Unexpected From Chile

A trailer for Chilean production Kiltro has turned up online and let's just say that it's not what you'd expect from a Latin American film. Oh, the trailer begins predictably enough, a back alley mugging shot in that recognizably South American hand held style, but then things get all funky. You see, Kiltro is the first ever Chilean martial arts film. And it looks like a keeper.

The film is built around the talents of Marko Zaror, a Chilean stunt man an awful lot of you have seen on the big screen without being aware of it. If you, like me, marveled aloud during The Rundown - an under-rated little action film in my book - about how you didn't know The Rock could move like that, well, there's a simple explanation. He didn't. His stunt double, Mr. Marko Zaror, did. And having won a mittful of stunt awards for his work in that film Zaror returned to his native country to put his karate and tae kwon do skills to use in Kiltro.